Breaking Myths: Debunking Common Misconceptions about Used Cars

By: San Antonio Used Cars   |   29 Jun 2023

For folks looking to save money on their new vehicle purchase, shopping used is usually the first thought that comes to mind. Still, even with used vehicles becoming more and more common – and more readily accessible – many individuals worry that buying new is their only option. Fears associated with reliability, quality, up-to-date features, and cleanliness are still major deterrents that keep San Antonio drivers from getting a great deal on a used vehicle. Here at San Antonio Used, we’re committed to changing the narrative surrounding shopping pre-loved. Let’s explore some common myths and misconceptions about used cars. 

Used cars aren't reliable. We get it. The last thing you need after finally getting a new vehicle in your driveway is for it to break down on your three months later. The truth is, this is actually rarely the case if you find a used vehicle that was released within the last ten years. Vehicles these days are built to last much more than they were in the past!

Used cars have dated features. Having the latest in tech and infotainment is half the fun of getting yourself a new vehicle. The truth is most vehicle features and specifications rarely change year over year. Meaning that the new Toyota vehicle that was recently released likely has the same features as the one that came out four years ago.

Used cars are of low quality. This is totally untrue! The fact that a vehicle has been running well for a few years is already an indication that it will last its new owner for the long haul. Additionally, most reputable used dealerships like San Antonio Used Cars will provide you with a Carfax report so you have a clear idea of the vehicle’s ownership history. Not to mention, all of our used vehicles must pass a full inspection of quality to meet our highest standards before ever finding a place on our lot.

Used cars are unclean. Much like quality assurance, most used vehicles undergo full reconditioning before being passed on to a new owner. This includes being cleaned from top to bottom, inside and out. If a vehicle is being traded-in in bad shape that’s beyond repair or reconditioning – we won’t even it consider selling it.

Used cars have poor resale value. Did you know that a new vehicle depreciates 10% just by driving it off the lot? Buying used means you can preserve the vehicle’s resale value since depreciation tends to only skyrocket with newer vehicles. This is extremely helpful should you decide to sell or trade-in your preowned vehicle at some point in the future.

Verdict Says… Used Vehicles FTW

In conclusion, used vehicles are nothing to be afraid of and can be an especially good option if your credit is less than ideal or if you’re looking to save on a down payment. Here at San Antonio Used Cars, we have a vast inventory of plenty of gently used vehicles that look just like new! If you’re in the San Antonio area, simply browse our inventory today, give us a call, or stop by our lot to see for yourself!

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