5 Maintenance Tips for Used Cars

By: San Antonio Used Cars   |   30 Jul 2023

Purchasing a used car offers numerous benefits, including cost savings on upfront expenses and insurance, as well as the possibility of extended warranty protection. With cars lasting longer than ever and a thriving pre-owned market, there are plenty of budget-friendly options available. However, concerns related to reliability, cleanliness, updated features, and potential future issues can still deter some drivers. Luckily, San Antonio Used is here to help! By following a few maintenance tips, you can maximize the potential of your used car and keep it in excellent condition for longer than you might expect.

  1. Consult the Manual: While your San Antonio Used Cars car-buying rep will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your new pre-owned vehicle, referring to the owner's manual for proper maintenance is essential. The manual will outline the preferred maintenance schedule, such as engine oil and filter changes. If your used car didn't come with an owner's manual, you can often download one from the manufacturer's website based on your vehicle's year, make, and model.

  2. Check Tire Pressure Regularly: Keeping the tire pressure at the optimal level is crucial for proper used car maintenance. Low tire pressure can lead to various damages and malfunctions in the vehicle.

  3. Keep Coolant On Hand: Since a used car has already accumulated many miles, it's normal for it to heat up frequently. Therefore, it's essential to have extra coolant on hand. Regularly changing the coolant is important as it can become contaminated if left in the vehicle for too long, potentially affecting the engine.

  4. Turn Off the Engine: It's important never to leave the engine running when the car is idle. This not only reduces fuel efficiency but can also negatively impact the engine's lifespan.

  5. Use a Route Planner: A helpful pro tip for high-mileage vehicles is to use a route planner. Following the best routes not only saves fuel but also puts less strain on your vehicle with lower mileage.

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