Why You Should Buy a Used Car Through a Dealer

By: San Antonio Used   |   25 Aug 2023

There are plenty of reasons why San Antonio drivers might opt for buying a used car on their next vehicle purchase. Not only are used vehicles more affordable than new ones, but most vehicles manufactured within the last ten years are just as reliable and functional as the new vehicle models coming out each year. The truth is vehicles these days are made to last much longer than they did in the past. And while it might seem easier to go through a private sale on a used car, you’ll find there are many more advantages to buying one from a reputable dealership instead.

Reason #1: More Options

Sure, you can browse Facebook Marketplace or eBay for a range of used vehicles, but the truth is there are typically limited options within one area, and if you decide to drive further out, you run the risk of wasting your time (and gas) if the deal falls through. Comparatively, a dealership will offer you the chance to test drive various models from different manufacturers, especially since they have long-standing partnerships with various dealers looking to off-load their used vehicle inventory. 

Reason #2: Flexible Payments (And Potential Tax Savings)

If you decide to buy used from a private seller, the reality is that a cash payment will be your only option, leaving your savings now tied up in your vehicle. With a dealer, you have the option of either financing or even leasing the vehicle. If your credit could use some work, getting approved for an affordable auto loan can help you rebuild your credit as long you make the payments regularly and on time. Plus, if you need to trade in your current vehicle, you can do so at the dealership as well and save costs on taxes associated with your purchase.  

Reason #3: Avoid Disagreements & Time Wasters

Whether you’re purchasing from a private seller online or a friend or relative, potential disagreements, haggling, and other headaches are bound to arise. Maybe the seller does not show up on time (or at all), changes the deal at the last second, or knowingly sells you a faulty car. When you buy from a dealership, you can rest assured that you’ll experience a hassle-free car-buying experience.

Reason #4: Better Buyer Protection

Speaking of being sold a faulty car, when you purchase a used vehicle from a dealer, you will receive greater buyer protection as well as a car history report before signing the paperwork. Dealerships are legally bound to ensure that used vehicles are fit for use.  And in the rare occasion that a problem does surface, the dealer is obligated to maintain the warranty on the vehicle.

Reason # 5: Higher Quality Cars

Not only will a used vehicle from a dealer be inspected and, at times, re-conditioned before selling, but most vehicles will come from concluded leases. When buying a used car privately, it’s likely because the previous owner drove it into the ground and is ready for an upgrade, and if the vehicle is relatively new, it likely has an issue with it. At San Antonio Used, our inventory is mostly made up of lightly used vehicles from lease agreements that have ended.

Find Quality Cars at San Antonio Used

Whether you’re on the hunt for a sedan, a truck, or an SUV, we can give you access to a wide range of vehicles from our used inventory. Each vehicle is carefully inspected and will include a detailed car history report to help you make the most informed decision before you purchase. Avoid the hassle of buying a used vehicle privately and choose the trustworthy team at San Antonio Used. Browse our inventory to get started!

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